Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sustainable agriculture

A bit over 200 years ago, Mathus predicted that the world's food supply would not be able to keep up with population growth. To date he's been proved wrong but a number of things are now threatening to change all that - including climate change, less predictable weather patterns and now the use of crops for fuel instead of as food.

This was a lead story on the national broadcaster last week: and if you follow this sort of thing is worth a read.

As part of my ranting and occasional campaigning on this sort of thing, I've become involved in a business which rejuvenates degraded landscapes and implements sustainable agricultural techniques to dramatically increase the productivity and drought resistance of that land. Irrespective of where your interest lies in the subject, it's worth a look, particularly if you are an active property investor or farmer:

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SuzieQ said...

I refer to an item on "Today Tonight" on Channel 7 last week where they were saying that the fruit that is on our fruit stall today, was actually picked up to 2 years ago. Why isn't this fruit put to good use at time of picking? and just think of the power used to refrigerate all this fruit over that period of time!
Concerned SuzieQ