Friday, August 22, 2008

Trying to prioritise

An interesting little article about which industries produce greenhouse gases, and then how households produce greenhouse gases.

Every little bit counts, but it's useful to know which bits count the most and tackle them first.

In the Newtown Cottage we've done a good job of reducing our direct greenhouse emissions or buying offsets:
  • Electricity consumption is down and we purchase green energy in excess of what we use (meaning someone else also gets some green energy)
  • Car is offset by more than we use (we travel less than 1,500km most years)
  • Flights are offset

So while we've been patting ourselves on the back, this article reminds us that there's still a lot to do in the indirect area - primarily the goods and services that we buy. Another area of focus for all of us. Time to watch that Story of Stuff video again.